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The post that I read was related to individualized instruction.  Individualized Instruction: Good or Bad?  was a blog in response to a comment left on a Wall Street Journal article. 

I appreciated several points from this blog.  The illustration of how we all are tied to the same rules of transportation but may take various ways to get where we have to go provides an excellent picture of what individualized instruction should be.  The most definitive point is that it is important not to try to make students fit into the same mold.  It is necessary to identify the learning style of students who may need individualized instruction.  By taking the initiative to identify what the students were struggling with the author was able to address the student’s individual needs.  However, those students were still responsible for completing class assignments and abiding by the rules of the class.  I also appreciated that the author spoke from personal experience to show how individual instruction applies as an adult learner.

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