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The first couple of blogs that I read were Why I Don’t Assign Homework and Is this SSR 2.0.  They were insightful glimpses into the minds of teachers facing the changing environment of the classroom.  The conversational tones of the blogs conveyed the personal adjustments that the teachers felt were necessary to be most beneficial in the classroom.  The next blog was 5th Grade.  I appreciated the earnestness of this blog.  There is something to be said for the voice of children.  As with the 5th grader blog,  Why Can’t We Do This?  proves that you can make your point in few words.  The last blog I read was Rationale for Educational Blogging.  This blog for me provided the most classic educational tone. 

Overall each blog presented a different voice in it’s writing and a different presentation in it’s reading.  I was drawn to the more introspective tones of blogging.  The reasonings presented by the rationale blog helped me to understand on a clinical level the reasonings behind the integration of blogging into the classroom.  However, it was the least interesting to me. 

As blogs seem to be free form, the traditional structure of writing does not seem to apply.  As was pointed out in the SSR 2.o blog, getting to the meat of the subect out weighs building the background.  Students being able to relate to other students outside of their classroom seems like it would do much to encourage creativty.  Also highlighted was that the blogger himself had increased his reading volume although it initially didn’t seem that way when considering his chapter book reading. 

Blogging therefore seems to provide an authentic means of facilitating and encouraging reading and writing in the ever changing classroom.

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